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We have the tools you need

Quitnessential Corporation has the information and products to help the person who wants to learn to shoot properly, whether compound or recurve. We aim to give others the tools to learn properly and help those wanting compete in high level competition to improve skills.

Ruth Rowe, the owner, is an Olympian and life-long archer. A level 4 Coach in USA Archery,  she is working to complete her Level 5 Coach certification. Additionally, she has been teaching and coaching for more than 10 years, retiring from competition in 2003.

Ruth Rowe is one of the few coaches who have spent significant time learning the National Training System (NTS) shooting technique. She has worked under National Coach Kisik Lee and observed the coaches of the Junior Dream Team (junior archers that Coach Lee feels have potential for performing in international competition). Through this, she has learned the National Training System shooting technique and how to teach it to both new and archers wanting to learn the technique.

Quitessential Corporation
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