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Simple Maintenance for Archery

Alan Anderson is a long-time archer and a meticulous craftsman. Whether making bow strings, building airplanes or crafting close-up magic illusions, Alan is in his element working with his hands and paying attention to detail. He took up archery in the early 1970s and was an active shooter well into the 1980s. After a long sabbatical to raise a family and earn a living he returned to archery in 1997. He holds an NAA Level 2 Archery Instructor certificate and enjoys competition. Alan lives with his wife and two daughters (all archers) in Northern Virginia.

Ruth Rowe is an Olympian, coach, technical writer, producer, and a life-long archer. She is well known in the archery community and has traveled the world representing the United States in archery competitions since the early 1970s. Ruth owns an impressive list of competition wins including the 1983 Pan American Championship, multiple National indoor and outdoor championships, state and regional championships, field championships, and she has set multiple archery world records. The US Olympic Committee named her Sportswoman of the year for Archery in 1983 and she represented the United States in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Ruth’s first book, Fundamentals of Recurve Target Archery and her instructional videos, Archery:The Basics and Archery: Refining Your Form set the standard for recurve archery training and are sold world-wide. She is active in the National Archery Association as a member of the National Governing Board and the Coach’s Development Committee. Ruth writes, teaches, and coaches in Northern Virginia.


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