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What’s so special? – What makes these slings unique is that there are five different lengths: Short, Medium, Long, X Long, and XX Long. Both bow grips and hands are different sizes, so getting the correct length can make a dramatic difference in technique, comfort, and therefore, performance. Also, slings are handy when using stretch tubing for recurve training, as using proper technique, the tubing leaves the hand when shot.

For recurve, the sling should be long enough that the bow can leave the hand without interference. Any unusual movement of the bow affects the shot, and a too-short sling keeps the grip too close to the hand, either enticing the fingers to react and move, or just pushing the bow in an odd direction just because it is too short and the bottom of the grip contacts the hand as the bow falls forward.

For compound, many top archers like the bow to sit still, only moving forward just a little when the release goes off. The bow basically stays in the hand. Because the grip area of newer bows is usually quite small, a shorter sling can be used. Some of the newer compounds have a little larger grip, which will affect sling length.

Choosing the correct length – Depending on the size of the grip area of the bow and the size of the hand, different people need different length slings.

For an average recurve bow grip and average hand, the Long or X Long is generally best. It allows the bow to leave the hand properly without either keeping it in the hand (too short) or allowing the bow to flop around at the end of the shot (too long). Small hands need a longer sling, as the sling must still go around the grip area, which is effectively larger because the hand is small. A large hand might be better with an X Long or the XX long, as the bow must travel farther to leave the hand.

For almost all new compound bows, the Short or possibly the Medium is best because the grip area of the bow is so narrow where the hand sits and is quite small in circumference. Old compounds have grips more like a recurve. Some of those grips are even larger than a recurve grip, so a Long or even an X Long may be needed.

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Weight 14 oz

Midnight Black, Neon Yellow, Brilliant Orange, Cherry Red, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Punchy Purple, Night-Sky Blue


Short – 4 ¾”, Medium – 5”, Long – 5 ¼”, X Long – 5 ¾”, XX Long – 6 ¾”


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