Stretch Bands



Stretch bands, commonly used in medical rehabilitation, are an excellent training device for people starting out. They are lighter weight than a bow but allow you to shoot like you would with a bow. Being a wide band, it has the advantage of a softer ‘hit’ on the bow hand as the band is shot.

It is excellent for beginners, as they can learn proper shooting technique without straining just to hold the draw weight. It can be shot so they can experience the feel and result of the release and follow-through. Either a stretch band or stretch tubing is an absolute must for anyone to learn solid, competitive shooting technique.

Experienced archers use bands as a warmup before shooting. It helps get the body ready for shooting without a lot of draw weight initially.

These are sold in a 5’ length. The ends of a folded band are wrapped around the bow hand and the string fingers hold the loop as the ‘string.’

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