Stretch Tubing



For Training and Warmup

For newer archers, particularly youth, a loop of latex tubing acts as the bow and can be used to learn proper technique at a much lighter ‘draw weight’ than most bows. It makes it possible to learn proper body position and the movement needed for successful shooting without straining just to hold the string back. It can be shot to learn proper release and follow-through. Either stretch tubing or a stretch band is a necessity for those wanting to learn proper NTS technique.

While the tubing can be shot, it is usually preferred when teaching how to hold the string and keep the back of the string hand relaxed, along with initial bow hand position. It also helps you to learn to keep the bow wrist and hand relaxed. The archer can learn everything up to the release comfortably and much easier than with what is usually a too-heavy bow. Even the 10# bows available from Quintessential has are often too heavy at the beginning.

Experienced archers can use tubing as a warmup tool before shooting. It reminds the body of what you want it to do when you pick up the bow.

These pieces of latex tubing are 30” long. An overhand knot near the ends makes it a loop: the shorter the loop, the heavier the ‘draw weight.’

If you want to shoot it, it might be good to get a finger sling, too. That way, the tubing stays in your hand on the shot.

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