Training Equipment - Limbs and Bows

Ultra Lightweight Bows and Limbs

Use with your riser, or a buy complete bow! For beginners and youth in particular, learning properly means starting out with as light a draw weight as possible. Younger kids cannot shoot for any length of time with most bows bought from archery shops without fatiguing relatively quickly. And for those who are trying to learn competitive recurve technique from the beginning, maintaining proper form is almost impossible unless both mass and draw weight is very light. Even many adults would have a much more satisfying learning experience if there was less stress to just hold the string back. Even the lightest weight generally available is often too heavy for proper learning. Quintessential has the answer – limbs that fit most bolt-on limb mounts in extremely light draw weights. They are sized for both youth and adults.
The Limbs – These are wood/glass and fit the Rolan and similar risers (any riser that accepts Samick Polaris-style bolt-on limbs). Bow length is based on the standard 25” and 23” risers. The table on the right gives the length and weights available.

The Complete Bow – With the Rolan riser, this is a light mass weight bow, properly balanced as any heavier (draw and mass) weight bow would be. Set up properly, it is an accurate bow that a beginner can use for learning good technique and continue shooting without exhaustion after a short period of time.
Limb Selection
Marked Limb Length / Weight 23" Riser 25" Riser
62" 10# 62" 10# 64" 8#
66" 10# 64" 12# 66" 10#

Wooden risers come in shorter lengths, also. If yours is 21”, for example, subtract 2” from the bow length and add 2# to the weight.